Counselling with Children and Young People

A Time to Talk

Teens ImageCounselling for children and young people is available to provide supportive help and assist communication where there maybe behavioural issues or conflict with friends, their peers or in social and family situations.

In general the matters that worry young people are at times of change and new experiences in their lives. These can occur for many reasons. When they might feel that life is not as good or as enjoyable or rewarding as it could be. When unexpectedly distressing situations knock young people off balance when they feel daunted by their own inability to cope or doubt those on whom they rely. When, they can find it hard to share areas of anxiety, due to embarrassment or because they believe they are on their own and no-one will care how they feel or what will happen to them or that they will be judged.

I work with children and young people, who at this moment may be struggling with daily events as the result of current or past life experiences. They want to be assured it will be safe to share, to know they will be listened to and heard. Young people will have their own agenda and will need to express and talk about the concerns that bother them. I can assist young people to find a way to deal with their issues which is right for them, working to support them to feel more confident, self-assured and encourage their efforts to build resilience. I believe my approach can provide children and young people with a safe place to help and support their concerns in their daily life.

The benefit of counselling is that it gives young people a secure, safe and structured environment where they can express, explore and understand their feelings, thoughts and emotions and build up confidence to become assertive. It is available for young people to use to enable and empower them to increase their inner belief to recognise they have the tools to safely make informed choices and consider different strategies which will enhance their well- being.

Types of Counselling

Counselling gives children and young people access to a trusted adult in a safe space.

Counselling support can be for a whole range of different underlying reasons and the focus of the help can change over time led and agreed by the young person and his/her needs. It can be used to provide reassurance about other matters.

The things that may stress children and young people can be about almost anything and may include:
Such worries about body image and  low self- esteem, lack of confidence, anger and hurt, relationships with peers, friends and family, depression, anxiety, bullying or being bullied, school difficulties, harming themselves, concerns over use of alcohol and recreational drugs, child abuse, sexual issues. These are just some of the problems young people may be facing on top of all the physical and psychological changes they are experiencing as they mature.

It can be available weekly or as required with the agreement of all parties.

A regular time slot is essential for the well- being of the young person, flexibility can be planned in if required, but will need to be discussed prior to commencement.

I offer a mixture of creative play, drama, role play, sand tray, other techniques and devices in counselling to encourage open communication. It will be personalised and appropriate to enable that individual- child or young person- to share his/her experiences to help to build confidence and self- esteem in a safe environment that is completely impartial.

This can be as one to one sessions – short and long term therapy based on client led need to best suit that individual’s circumstance.

For children and younger teens is best to meet face to face.

Those adolescents who are older may want to FaceTime or Skype. This should be discussed and details agreed after initial assessment sessions.

Counselling sessions for children will usually last for 45 minutes.

Safeguarding which includes Child Protection

Counsellors working with children and young people have undergone additional training that is approved by their Local Safeguarding Board. They will also have established links with the Child Protection Unit lead person the LADO in their local area with whom they consult if there are issues of concern.


My fees for children and young people are £45 per session. It could be possible to offer a discount by block booking and paying for 10 sessions. Please ask about it when you make the first appointment.


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